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Your partner in constuction

Groot Lemmer: from initial advice to delivery and maintenance

Groot Consultants is an important linchpin in the overall concept of Groot Lemmer. The engineering firm was founded in 1972 to advise customers on engineering matters and projects. The agency is also responsible for new innovations and developing modifications to existing products. With the introduction of new materials and techniques, our engineers have both the knowledge and the experience to find a solution tailored to your specific project and requirements.


Groot Consultants will assist you on your choice of bridge based on your specific site requirements. Many factors come into play including design life, overall span, soil composition, the surrounding area and budget, Groot’s engineers can help you find a solution and if required present you with drawings and/ or a 3-dimensional impression of the proposed structure.

Soil Analysis

Groot Lemmer will assist you with any preparatory works including any soil surveys (sounding/ boring) that is required, recommending local companies that will offer you a reliable, professional service.

Customised Quotation

Your quotation will be fully customised with detailed prices, specification and anticipated delivery timescales enabling you to plan your project.


Our engineers use highly sophisticated calculation and drawing processes, the end result of which is a fully designed bridge which can be viewed in a 3 dimensional format.

Maintenance Advice

Groot Consultants can provide inspection services for your existing bridge and offer advice on maintenance and overall structural condition, to enable you to get the most from your structure.

Groot; Other Services

Groot Consultants has the required experience and expertise to assist with the development of new bridge structures using the latest materials and innovations. Groot Consultants work closely with architects and designers to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Groot Consultants play a major role in the development and engineering of other structures including lock gates, boardwalks, jetties, balconies, galleries and verandas. Groot will also undertake the complete project management of your structure if required.