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Groot Lemmer also specialize in the design and installation of boardwalks.

We can design a full range of boardwalks in all shapes and sizes, all tailor made to your requirements. We can offer a wide range of possibilities and materials to suit your project. Please contact our sales department.

Dek keuzes


The bridge can be equipped with a timber, composite or steel deck.



Our timber deck comes with the option of being plain or grooved. With both of these options we recommend that 2 anti-slip inserts are incorporated into the board. Our anti-slip inserts are produced by creating 2 dove tail grooves, the grooves are then filled with an epoxy and granular mix. This provides and long lasting and cost effective solution and also prolongs the life of the deckboards as the timber is not completely sealed.  When a full coating is required we often advise that a synthetic deck is used (see below).


Bamboo is used as composite material for decks and parapets. The bamboo stem is peeled, cut into strips, dried and then glued into its final form using a mold. The result is a rigid board. Naturally bamboo comes with the FSC certificate. The bamboo deck can also be equipped with GL-strips.

Fiberglas reinforced plastic


Our synthetic decks are made of a fiberglass, reinforced plastic (FRP). They are fitted into place using a tongue and groove system. Synthetic decks have a long life span and are particularly suitable when a full anti slip coating is required due to the adhesive qualities of the synthetic surface.  Our anti-slip is applied to the boards under factory conditions. Standard colours are anthracite and red. While suitable for use with service vehicles the synthetic deck is not suitable for equestrian use.



Steel is superb for decks that need to withstand heavy loads or when special requirements such as a fully water proof surface is required. While the most expensive option, a steel deck does have a very long lifespan. In order to prevent damage to the corrosion protection applied we check the size during the manufacturing process to ensure that no adjustments are required during installation.



You can down load our certificates below.

FSC® certif. licence C009073 Certificate FSC 7-12-2015
ISO9001 certificate Certificate ISO9001 2008-2015 NL
VCA certificate Certificate VCA2008 5-1-2015 NL
PEFC certificate Certificate PEFC 2014-08-05