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Groot Lemmer has a long and rich history. The company was founded in 1920 by TC Groot in the ports of Amsterdam. Since its foundation the company witnessed the import of various exotic (hard) timber that found its way into and through the port of Amsterdam, mainly intended for the construction of bridges. This activity clearly indicated a need and soon Groot grew into a leading importer and supplier of hardwood.

With the introduction of the extremely strong and durable Ekki (durability class 1) on the European market Groot took an important step forward in the early fifties. The West African hardwood quickly made name for itself and became a really popular product in the civil engineering sector. Groot was hardly able to meet the demand and rapidly grew too big for their location in Amsterdam. In response the company moved to the Frisian Lemmer in the early sixties. In Lemmer they bought three acres of water-associated industrial estate, near the IJsselmeer. Here they built an office, new sawmill and a processing hangar for (hard)wood timber structures including bridges, lock gates and piers.

Groot Lemmer, the current name of the company, continues to develop into a leading company in timber and timber structures. After the foundation, in early seventies, of the engineering consultancy in the name of Groot Consultants B.V, clients could go to one address for both advice, calculation, design and construction of various timber constructions. This, along with the introduction of the trademark Prefazo® the company expanded its market area and customer base steadily. Not only in the Netherlands but also outside the Dutch borders thanks to the opening of a branch in England and the cooperation with agents in several European countries and Japan.

Since the nineties are we processing more than just timber materials in our bridges. Many steel and composite bridges have found their way to satisfied customers. In 2011 Groot Lemmer re-located to Heerenveen where it has a perfectly equipped hangar to build all the bridges and other timber structures.

– 1920: Foundation in Amsterdam with a planing mill / sawmill
– 1950: Introduction of azobe on European market
– 1960: Relocation / construction in Lemmer and start of manufacturing smaller constructions
– 1970: Start production timber bridges
– 1972: Foundation engineering Large Consultants Ltd.
– 1972: Expansion of market area and opening branches and agencies
– 1997: ISO 9001 certification Groot Lemmer BV and Groot Consultants B.V.
– 1999: Obtaining FSC certification
– 2010: After 8 years under the IJB group Groot Lemmer is an independent company again
– 2014: Obtaining PEFC certificate