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Composite bridges are becoming more popular within the Dutch market. While the initial out lay is greater than other materials the only maintenance the structures require is occasional cleaning.

A composite bridge is a load bearing structure which is made entirely from glass fibre reinforced plastic, no materials such as timber or steel are used on the load bearing components. Options include synthetic, timber or a steel handrail mounted to the structure. A composite bridge has a closed deck.

The initial outlay for this from of structure in regard to TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership ) becomes very beneficial over a lifespan of 100 years as there is no maintenance required and no partial or full replacement of the structure  after 50  to 70 years as with steel and timber.

Benefits of Composite

  • Long Life Span
  • Low maintenence
  • Closed deck surface
  • Overall Life Span costs greatly reduced
  • Life span of Composite bridge > 100 years